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Poll: csst for staff
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Hell yea
11 84.62%
Hell no you scrub
2 15.38%
Total 13 vote(s) 100%
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csst for staff

1) Steam name: Enjoyz
2) Ingame name: csst
3) Age: 30
4) Country: canada
5) SteamID: 6 digit my friend STEAM_0:0:855931
6) Specify which server you want staff on: Zombie plague 1 

7) How long have you played counter strike: Over 15 years
8) Reason why you should be staff: I enjoyz  this game I play on Zombie plague 1 every night (well almost every night) since I found this server. I think the server is more enjoyable when there's an admin on and that's why I became admin on that server. I'm french canadian speak english and a little bit of spanish. I think i'm a real fair admin and will continue to be! 

voted yes fair good admin +1

C’est un oui pour moi Smile
[Image: b9a7dde13c.jpg]

Oui pour putain (je te deteste)
[Image: r0FkHGd.jpg]

friendly, pretty much talk to anyone even to the people he doesnt really know
nice guy
pretty a fair admin he was in his previous adminship

been admin for not that long, but u can always build up ur experience easily with time, i believe in u

i believe u could aid the staff team with ur skills
YES for u gay

not sure if i can trust a canadian, they are like the weird version of murica
but fine since ur white, i vote yes
[Image: 59vH9N6.png]

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