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Admins are a joke

(07-11-2018, 03:29 PM)Weyts Wrote: You are really behaving like a little child that doesn’t get his will Bats.

You played on the server, for what? 2 weeks now? After being gone for over 6 months. And suddenly ur the most active player in the history of AS. I do play a lot on ZP, and perhaps more than on AS. I’ve always done that. I like both servers. But assault is very trivial, when you have been around for 6-7 years, and when there is less than 10 players on, it’s not really worth playing IMO.

As Gain Said; Mickey and I have come up with a lot of suggestions in private staff section, but they haven’t been applied or modified (at least yet). Other than that it’s summertime, and people have a real life too.
There are no hackers in the server, so all you need and admin for is to change map, to your favorite maps?

Yes, I was, Weyts. Just wanted to apologize to all you amazing admins and this great community. I was going through a super hard time and taking it out here. You guys have built a great community and to keep it going this long takes a lot of commitment and time. 

Thanks for all your hard work, and again, my apologies for behaving in such an immature manner.


(07-10-2018, 03:32 PM)xBATSx Wrote: *Weyts is now playing CS*
*Weyts is now playing CS*
about 20 times today.

Not on Assault.
On Zombies. Of course.

Meanwhile Assault is crap.

Give me admin or atleast let me buy it.

Fucking noob admins
[Image: giphyc148d.gif]

ban him, yas?
Yes, it's me on my avatar. I know I'm hot. Thank you.

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