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Zombie Plague Changelog

As always, we'll be keeping track of updates and changes and marking the progress of development in this thread.

ZP Changelog


  • Initial release
[Image: rA4ilkf.png]



  • Fixed ladder glitch
  • Removed grenades from zombies (leftover from testing)
  • Fixed flashlight bug. Flashlight will now automatically turn off when you get infected.
  • Added initial nademodes (F key to switch). Currently only impact mode works, will need to properly implement the other modes.
[Image: rA4ilkf.png]

sv_alltalk needs to be enabled
[Image: 76561198836756188.png]



  • Added zombie madness.
  • Added initial version of the sandbags.
  • Added 2 new maps: zm_garage and zm_highground.

Note: You can say "nominate" to see a list of maps that you can nominate. You can also say "rockthevote" to start an early vote to change to your desired map.
[Image: rA4ilkf.png]



  • Fixed a bug with a bunch of sounds not playing (grenades, rounds, etc..)
[Image: rA4ilkf.png]



  • Added initial version of the lasermine.

I'm building these plugins up from scratch, so there's probably a chance that i've missed something and a bug can occur. Please help me find any problems and report any bugs you see so i can fix them.
[Image: rA4ilkf.png]



  • Main menu has been added. Press the F key to open the main ZP menu (M key cant be hooked in CSGO)
  • Reworked the flashlight. Now the flashlight needs to be activated though the main menu.
  • Removed gamemode countdown prints leftover from testing.
  • Added new map zm_cubeworld_a01.
  • Implemented tunnel bhop solution in zm_cubeworld_a01.
[Image: rA4ilkf.png]



  • Various fixes and improvements.
  • Revamped the internal workings of the zombie plague mod. Improved stability, greatly reduced errors and crashes
  • Fixed errors with missing models.
  • Fixed errors with downloads and the FastDL server.
  • Fixed the zod sky.
  • Fixed problems with the nightvision.
  • Added experimental auto-unstuck feature (Needs testing ingame).
  • Updated zm_cubeworld.
  • Added zm_zod_apprehension.

I'll keep adding more items as i figure things out.
[Image: rA4ilkf.png]



  • Updated zod maps again
  • Added zm_zod_fortuna
  • Added initial version of the golden ak-47
  • Tweaked the bhop mechanics to match the cs 1.6 style a bit more closely.
  • Added an experimental gstrafe feature.
  • Added SourceTV for game recording (still experimenting)

Sorry for the long gap between updates, I've just been real busy irl, i've got a lot on my plate at the moment with both work and uni. But i did get some free time this weekend and i wanted to push some updates. I've been working on the bhop and gstrafe for a while now, and i think i finally got the bhop part right. The gstrafe on the other hand, i'm still trying to get it right and i'm still experimenting with it. I could really use some feedback on it, specially from people who can do it better than me Smile. It's currently running on the main server, along with the !speed command to help you gauge it. I've also included SourceTV recording, so that moments can be captured and replayed, which will greatly aid further development.

Let me know what you guys think and if you spot anything interesting, we should be able to play it back if you grab the server time.
[Image: rA4ilkf.png]

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